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SLAPS Spring 2005 Career Panel
Thursday, Feb 3, 2005

Photo: David C Thompson
Professors Deborah Hensler, Alan Morrison, and Michael Wald (L->R) share their wisdom with students interested in policy.

Professors Deborah Hensler, Alan Morrison, and Michael Wald as well as three student panalists gave perspectives on careers in law and policy. Over 60 studnets attended to hear about ways to start a policy career, influence policy from academia, and work in the public interest at a private firm.

In addition, three student panelists shared their diverse experiences. Gideon Maltz, Kevin Clune, and Aparna Sridhar shared their experiences at the International Crisis Group, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the legal arm of the National Organizaiton of Women. They gave tips on finding a policy-related job and making the msot out of a summer experience.

We would like to thank our professor and student panelists for sharing their wisdom, as well as everyone who attended. We look forward to another succesful panel next year!

Professor Panel:

Prof. Deborah Hensler
Prof. Alan Morrison
Prof. Michael Wald

Student Panel:

Gideon Maltz
Kevin Clune
Aparna Sridhar


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